Software based P-GW designed for MVNOs, Enterprise LTE and IoT Platform.

Small start and cost reduction
Runs on any PC servers including Cloud
Web system friendly HTTP APIs

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Software based PDN gateway suitable for incorporating LTE cellular data network into your system.

SoftPGW is a software based PDN Gateway (P-GW) for LTE core network. A PDN Gateway provides connectivity between an LTE core network and an external packet data network, which includes packet forwarding, IP address assignment and session control.

PDN gateways currently available are designed for MNOs (mobile network operators), and most of those are high-function, high-performance and very expensive. Furthermore, such PDN gateways require external servers like authentication, online charging and policy control to operate. These servers talk protocols which are unfamiliar for OSS and Web developers. This means that it is expensive and hard to develop and operate a mobile network service with distinctive feature and charging plan.

SoftPGW has been developed with the aim of making easier to incorporate LTE cellular data network as simple, low-cost and easy to control from Web application software. It has all minimum functions required to connect your network with a mobile network provided by an MNO, and it can be controlled by your system using HTTP API.


SoftPGW is software

SoftPGW can be deployed on any PC servers including virtual machines and IaaS like Amazon AWS provided that the servers are connected with an MNO using a leased line or a wide area ethernet.


Supports GTPv2-C/GTPv1-U

SoftPGW supports GTP protocols below.

  • GTPv2-C (3GPP TS 29.274)
  • GTPv1-U (3GPP TS 29.281)


SIM cards management and usage monitoring can be done with simple HTTP APIs.

  • SIM activation/deactivation
  • IP address pool management
  • Traffic volume monitoring for each SIMs
  • Band width allowance for each SIMs


Easy to develop your charging plan

Your own charging plan can be developed using the easy-to-use HTTP APIs instead of playing with the legacy PCRF/OCS servers or 3GPP protocols. SoftPGW comes with an HTTP API server which implements PCRF and OCS feature to throttle band width for each SIMs based on accumulated traffic usage.

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